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Assistant Director Brian S. Lambert,
Office of Investigations


Brian S. Lambert, a native of Richmond, VA, was appointed to the Senior Executive Service (SES) in 2017. He presently serves as the 29th Assistant Director of the Office of Investigations.

In his current role, Mr. Lambert leads the Secret Service’s largest organizational unit, comprised of 2,150 Special Agents and 850 analytical, administrative, professional and technical employees throughout 162 domestic and international offices. Mr. Lambert executes the agency’s mandate to safeguard America’s financial payment systems, prioritizing transnational criminal activity with case types ranging from attacks on payment card systems, business email compromise, ransomware, and a variety of cyber enabled financial crimes involving emerging technologies and digital currencies. As it has since 1865, counterfeit investigations remain a core violation. Mr. Lambert’s charge includes leading investigations into threats against the agency’s protected persons. In addition to field locations, he leads four headquarters divisions: the Criminal Investigative Division, Forensic Services Division, International Programs Division and the National Computer Forensics Institute.

In addition to two assignments as the Deputy Assistant Director in the Office of Investigations (2019, 2023), Mr. Lambert previously served as the SES Special Agent in Charge of the Rome, Italy Field Office (2020-2023). In this capacity, he led four subordinate offices in executing the agency’s mission across 62 nations in southern Europe, the Middle East and Africa. Mr. Lambert also served as the Deputy Assistant Director in the Office of Human Resources (2018-2019), where he led the Secret Service’s talent acquisition, benefits and payroll, senior executive program, safety, medical & environmental programs, performance management and retention initiatives, workforce planning and modeling. Mr. Lambert’s first SES position was the Special Agent in Charge of the Protective Intelligence & Assessment Division (2017-2018), which is responsible for all intelligence investigations, risk assessments, and liaison with the Intelligence Community.

Mr. Lambert served in other management positions with the Secret Service including the Special Agent in Charge in the Office of Strategic Intelligence & Information (2016-2017), Resident Agent in Charge in Saginaw, Michigan (2013-2016) and Assistant Special Agent in Charge in the Office of Investigations (2012-2013). Mr. Lambert served as the Associate Director of the Counterintelligence Division for the Department of Homeland Security, Office of Intelligence & Analysis, as part of the Senior Executive Service Candidate Development Program (2016).

Mr. Lambert is a 24-year veteran of the Secret Service and began his career in 1999 serving as a special agent in the New York Field Office. Mr. Lambert transferred to the Presidential Protective Division in 2006 and worked on the protective details for Presidents George W. Bush and Barack Obama. Prior to joining the Secret Service, Mr. Lambert served as a police officer with the Chesterfield County (VA) Police Department (1997-1999), distinguishing himself as the Rookie of the Year in 1998.

Mr. Lambert received a Bachelor of Arts Degree in psychology in 1997 from the College of William & Mary in Williamsburg, VA. Mr. Lambert and his wife Esteffanny are the proud parents of five children.