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Assistant Director Jeremy C. Sheridan,
Office of Investigations

Assistant Director Jeremy C. Sheridan Office of Investigations

Jeremy Sheridan began his Secret Service career in September 1997 as a special agent in the Tucson, AZ, Resident Office. In April 2002, Mr. Sheridan was assigned to the Presidential Protective Division (PPD), where he served under President George W. Bush. Following his assignment on PPD, Mr. Sheridan served in the Emergency Preparedness Program at Secret Service headquarters. Mr. Sheridan entered the supervisory ranks in June 2008 when he was promoted to Assistant Special Agent in Charge (ASAIC) of the Human Capital Division.
Since then Mr. Sheridan has served in numerous supervisory assignments throughout the field, at headquarters and in protective divisions. Following his assignment in the Human Capital Division, he was assigned in June 2010 as an Assistant to the Special Agent in Charge (ATSAIC) on PPD, serving as a shift leader for one of President Barack Obama’s shifts. In January 2013, Mr. Sheridan was transferred to the Los Angeles Field Office, where he served as the ATSAIC of the Protective Operations and Intelligence squads. After one year as an ATSAIC, he was promoted to ASAIC, where he supervised all protective activities for the Los Angeles area by overseeing the Protective Operations, Intelligence, Technical Operations, Special Projects, and Training Squads. While in Los Angeles, Mr. Sheridan was selected to the U.S. Secret Service Senior Executive Service Candidate Development Program. In October 2015, Mr. Sheridan was selected as the Deputy Special Agent in Charge of the Vice-Presidential Protective Division (VPD) and in February 2017 he was selected as the SES Special Agent in Charge of VPD.  Mr. Sheridan then served as the Deputy Assistant Director in the Office of Training from August 2018 until September 2019 and as the Deputy Assistant Director in the Office of Investigations from September 2019 until October 2020, with oversight of twenty domestic Secret Service field offices, including four offices led by SES-level supervisors.
In October 2020, Mr. Sheridan was named Assistant Director of the Office of Intergovernmental and Legislative Affairs, with oversight of the Liaison Division, Congressional Affairs Program, Homeland Security Program, Privacy Office, and Freedom of Information Act Office. In April of 2021, Mr. Sheridan was named Assistant Director of the Office of Investigations, where he leads the global investigative mission of the Secret Service, consisting of 161 offices and over 3,000 personnel.