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Careers with the Secret Service

Careers at Secret Service

If you have a commitment to excellence and are looking for a unique and fulfilling career, we want to hear from you. Come join a diverse team with one of the most elite law enforcement agencies in the world.

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New Opportunities


    Become a Uniformed Division Officer

    Learn more about the Uniformed Division and what it means to be an officer in our brochure. 



Our Highly-Skilled Workforce


Special agents focus on protecting top U.S. and visiting foreign officials, and investigating financial crimes.


Our Uniformed Division officers' mission is to protect facilities and venues secured for U.S. Secret Service protectees.


The Technical Law Enforcement job family supports our special agents and Uniformed Division officers in their duties. 


Our civil service professionals, from a wide variety of disciplines, support the overall protective and investigative missions.

The people of the U.S. Secret Service work hard each year to keep our nation's leaders, visiting foreign dignitaries and other protectees safe as they work and travel around the world. Further, this dedicated workforce protects the nation's economy through cyber and financial crime investigations and related activities.

Special Agents

As a Special Agent, you will work alongside men and women of the highest caliber, performing critical protective and investigative assignments.

Uniformed Division Officers

Our Uniformed Division’s mission is to protect facilities and venues secured for U.S. Secret Service protectees. 

Technical Law Enforcement

The Technical Law Enforcement job family supports the Special Agents and Uniformed Division Officers in their duties. 

Administrative, Professional, Technical

Our administrative, professional, and technical experts support our integrated mission of investigating financial crimes and protecting our nation’s leaders.

As part of our mission of preventing an incident before it occurs, we rely on meticulous advance work and threat assessments to identify potential risks to protectees.

Immediate Openings

At the United States Secret Service, our highly-trained workforce is one of our greatest assets. Learn more

Our protection includes airspace security, counter-surveillance, medical emergency response, hazardous agent mitigation and magnetometer capabilities.

Career Paths

Choosing the right career is an important decision. Positions at the Secret Service demand integrity, a great work ethic and teamwork.

Our protective mission demands we be ready to protect those entrusted in our care anytime, anywhere.

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Our investigative and multi-media, 3-D modeling capability capability expertise supports our protective mission, as well as our mission to safeguard U.S. financial infrastructure.

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Our recruiters are excited to meet with you to discuss your career choices and opportunities in more detail. 

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