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Cyber Investigations

Our mission is to investigate the most significant cybercrime organizations that exploit and undermine critical U.S. infrastructure and financial payment systems. Our goal is to identify, disrupt, and permanently dismantle financially-motivated transnational cybercrime networks.


Cyber Investigative Section

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Established in 2004 at Secret Service headquarters, the Cyber Investigative Section (CIS) was one of the first U.S. law enforcement units dedicated to strategically targeting significant cybercrime actors and groups. CIS was formed to centralize the agency’s expertise and conduct and support major investigations globally.

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Our primary investigative mission is to protect the financial infrastructure of the United States by investigating complex, often cyber-enabled financial crimes.

Cyber Fraud Task Forces

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Cyber Fraud Task Forces (CFTFs), the focal point of our cyber investigative efforts, are a partnership between the Secret Service, other law enforcement agencies, prosecutors, private industry, and academia. The strategically located CFTFs combat cybercrime through prevention, detection, mitigation, and investigation.


Combatting the Illicit Use of Digital Assets  

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The Secret Service is responsible for detecting, investigating, and arresting any person who violates certain laws related to financial systems. In recent years, digital assets have increasingly been used to facilitate a growing range of crimes, including various fraud schemes and the use of ransomware. 

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We maintain a cyber workforce possessing the capacity to respond and investigate large scale network intrusions, access device fraud, bank fraud, money laundering, skimming and other cybercrimes.

Cyber Forensic Expertise   

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Our network intrusion responders are at the frontlines of large scale network intrusions and malware attacks. Our investigators, analysts, and forensic examiners have contributed to the apprehension of transnational cyber criminals responsible for large-scale data breaches, online criminal hosting services, and the trafficking of stolen financial data and other cybercrimes.



Preparing for a Cyber Incident

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Effective cybersecurity requires a holistic approach in order for an organization to be more resilient against cyber attacks. The Secret Service developed a series of cyber incident response planning guides to assist organizations in preparing, preventing, and responding to cyber attacks.

Preparing for a Cyber Incident



The Secret Service is a contributor to Visit this page for resources related to mitigating and responding to ransomware attacks.

Train at the National Computer Forensics Institute

Register for cyber incident response, investigation, and forensic examination training.

Department of Justice CCIPS

The Secret Service works closely with the Computer Crime and Intellectual Property Section (CCIPS). Visit their page to learn about hacking and related crimes.