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Ted Maliga,
Chief Technology Officer

Ted Maliga, Chief Technology Officer

Ted Maliga serves as the Chief Technology Officer of the United States Secret Service.

Mr. Maliga was named to the position in April 2023 and is responsible for coordinating and managing the Secret Service’s engineering, scientific and physical security technology programs. These programs support the agency’s integrated protective and investigative mission.

Prior to being named Chief Technology Officer, Mr. Maliga served as the Deputy Assistant Director of the Secret Service’s Office of Strategic Intelligence and Information, where he was responsible for planning, directing and coordinating all efforts involving the evaluation and dissemination of intelligence information affecting the agency’s protective mission. Mr. Maliga ensured all protective intelligence investigations; the assessment of risk towards USSS protected interests; and behavioral research met operational requirements.

Mr. Maliga also served as the Deputy Assistant Director of the Office of Protective Operations, where he was responsible for planning, directing, coordinating and the implementation of protective policies, programs and operations. In this role, Mr. Maliga specifically led the Secret Service’s tactical operations, dignitary protection functions and specialized armor vehicle operation. Mr. Maliga ensured all protected persons, places and events received the appropriate level of specialized assets based on a thorough assessment of associated threats and vulnerabilities.

Mr. Maliga previously served as Deputy Assistant Director for the Office of Technical Development and Mission Support. In this position, he formulated the Secret Service’s strategic goals related to the use of technology and specialized personnel for the agency’s dual, integrated mission. Mr. Maliga was responsible for the planning, budgeting and prioritization of physical security systems as well as comprehensive countermeasure programs implemented by the Secret Service’s diverse workforce of scientists, engineers, administrative professionals and law enforcement personnel.

Mr. Maliga’s first senior executive position was as the Special Agent in Charge of the Technical Security Division, where he led technical experts as they supported the Office of Protective Operations and the Office of Investigations. Additionally, he was responsible for providing a technically-secure environment for the President and Vice President at the White House, Vice President’s Residence and other places that the President and Vice President visit.

Mr. Maliga joined the Secret Service in 1999 and was assigned to the New York Field Office. Prior to joining the agency, he was a police officer for Cary, N.C., and a member of the North Carolina Army National Guard. Mr. Maliga attended North Carolina State University and graduated from the College of Design with a Bachelor of Arts in Industrial Design.