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Our Leadership

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We are a federal law enforcement agency with headquarters in Washington, D.C., and more than 150 offices throughout the United States and abroad. Our diverse work force is comprised of more than 7,000 special agents, Uniformed Division officers, Technical Law Enforcement officers, and administrative, professional, and technical personnel. Learn more about the men and women who lead us in our contribution to the Department of Homeland Security’s common mission of protecting the American people from harm.


Kimberly Cheatle, Assistant Director, Office of Protective Operations

Director Kimberly A. Cheatle

Kimberly A. Cheatle is the 27th Director of the U.S. Secret Service.

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Ronald L. Rowe, Jr.

Deputy Director Ronald L. Rowe, Jr.

Ronald L. Rowe, Jr. was appointed Deputy Director April 27, 2023.

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Cynthia Radway-Sjoberg

Chief Operating Officer Cynthia Sjoberg Radway

Cynthia Sjoberg Radway is serving as the Chief Operating Officer.




Executive Staff

Assistant Director Michael Plati

Michael Plati

Assistant Director, Office of Protective Operations

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Brian S. Lambert

Assistant Director, Office of Investigations

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Assistant Director, Office of Intergovernmental and Legislative Affairs, Vince Tutoni

Vincent Tutoni

Assistant Director, Office of Intergovernmental & Legislative Affairs

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Delisa Walker Hall, Chief Human Capital Officer

Delisa Walker Hall

Chief Human Capital Officer, Office of Human Resources

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David M Smith

David M. Smith

Assistant Director, Office of Professional Responsibility

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David M Torres Photo

David Torres

Assistant Director, Office of Strategic Intelligence and Information

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Assistant Director Miltom D. Wilson, Office of Training

Miltom D. Wilson

Assistant Director, Office of Training

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Michael A. Buck, 22nd Uniformed Division Chief

Michael A. Buck 

Chief, Uniformed Division

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Thomas F. Huse

Chief Counsel

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Chief Technology Officer Ted Maliga

Ted Maliga

Chief Technology Officer

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Stephen Roncone

Chief Financial Officer

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Joseph Eddy

Chief Strategy Officer

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Kevin J. Nally

Chief Information Officer

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Kyo M. Dolan

Chief of Staff

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 Anthony Guglielmi, Chief Communications Officer

Anthony Guglielmi

Chief of Communications

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