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The people of the U.S. Secret Service work hard each year to keep our nation's leaders, visiting foreign dignitaries and other protectees safe as they work and travel around the world. Further, this dedicated workforce protects the nation's economy through cyber and financial crime investigations and related activities.

Supporting the Agency’s Most Valuable Asset: Our People

The Secret Service is the world’s most elite protection force and is at the cutting edge of investigating complex, cyber-enabled financial crime. To execute on these mission skill-sets, the Secret Service integrates rigorous training, skilled financial management, continuous human capital efforts, and robust strategic planning.

These elements are typically carried out by administrative, professional, and technical personnel, who are career professionals such as accountants, analysts, attorneys, engineers, IT experts, project managers, statisticians and many more to create a culture of empowered, decisive and effective leadership.

Mission First, People Always


Asset Management


Our administrative professionals provide a wide range of services and policies, to include enterprise-wide management of leased and owned real property, vehicle fleet, parking, property, warehouse, mail and printing.



The types of counsel and services provided by our legal professionals are varied. They include advising on the agency's criminal investigations, assisting the Department of Justice with civil litigation involving the Secret Service, and much more.



Our financial experts are involved in the Service's budgeting, logistics and acquisition management operations, including the agency's budget, travel procedures, acquisition governance and much more.

Information Technology


Our IT professionals provide the expertise required to protect national leaders, visiting heads of state and government, designated sites and NSSEs, and to safeguard the nation’s financial infrastructure to preserve the integrity of the economy.

They are responsible for network cybersecurity, IT governance, resourcing and planning, investment control, portfolio management, IT workforce development, and the enterprise architecture.



Our communication professionals proactively engage with Secret Service employees while educating and communicating with private citizens, public partners, and members of the media to promote awareness of the mission, achievements and objectives of the agency.

Equity and Employment Support


Our equity and employee support team is staffed with skilled, dedicated employees and clinicians who work diligently to address the needs of the agency’s diverse workforce in a timely and effective manner through caring support, informative training sessions, cultural awareness events and first-class service.

Human Resources


Our human resource specialists build and maintain a robust and qualified workforce, achieve optimal staffing requirements, provide opportunities for employee enhancement and professional growth, and engage and retain a highly skilled, talented and diverse workforce. These experts are committed to forecasting, developing and implementing policies and programs that prepare the agency workforce for the challenges of the 21st century.

Strategic Planning and Policy


These experts improve contemporary business planning and processes, develop effective marketing strategies, lead enterprise-wide policy development, provide special project capabilities, and guide an agency-wide unity of effort.

Functional responsibilities include strategic planning, enterprise governance, performance metrics, policy management, organizational evaluations, records management, and quantitative analysis.

Technical and Mission Support


These experts provide highly technical solutions for our integrated protective and investigative missions.



Our training experts direct, coordinate, and implement policies and programs associated with agency training and employee development. They develop and implement a broad range of basic and advanced training programs on a continuous basis and initiate long-range developmental training programs for all employees.

Protective Intelligence


Our Protective Intelligence experts support protective operations by analyzing information, investigating threats, assessing risk, and disseminating protective intelligence information.

Additionally, these professionals conduct research and gather, analyze, and disseminate information pertaining to threat assessment and preventing targeted violence through the National Threat Assessment Center.

Are You Ready for a Global Challenge?

USSS Stars

Does supporting investigating financial crimes and protecting our nation’s leaders excite you? If you have a commitment to excellence and are looking for a unique and fulfilling career, we want to hear from you. Come join one of the most elite law enforcement agencies in the world.

Case Study: How Can Mission Support Professionals Have an Impact on Operations?

In FY 2019, Secret Service legal professionals developed the Executive Policy and Development Symposium on International Financial Enforcement Strategies course for the International Law Enforcement Academy.

This course introduced executive, political, judicial, and law enforcement officials to the tools the Secret Service uses to successfully combat financial crimes. Officials from around the world were taught how to develop strategies, policies, directives or draft new laws that they can use to fight transnational crime in their countries.

This new tool has significantly enhanced efforts in fighting international financial crimes as foreign officials adopt new provisions to their policies.

Our Highly-Skilled Workforce


Special agents focus on protecting top U.S. and visiting foreign officials, and investigating financial crimes.


Our Uniformed Division officers' mission is to protect facilities and venues secured for U.S. Secret Service protectees.


The Technical Law Enforcement  job family supports our special agents and Uniformed Division officers in their duties. 


Our civil service professionals, from a wide variety of disciplines, support the overall protective and investigative missions.


FY 2023 Annual Report

Take a look at what the men and women of the Secret Service accomplished in Fiscal Year 2023.