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Deputy Director Leonza “Leon”
Newsome III

Leonza "Leon" Newsome III

Leonza “Leon" Newsome III, was appointed as the Deputy Director of the Secret Service on August 4, 2019.

As the Deputy Director, Mr. Newsome has direct oversight of the agency's daily investigative and protective operations. Mr. Newsome will also oversee the agency's current policies while implementing emerging protective and investigative technologies.

Prior to this appointment, he served as the Assistant Director of the Office of Investigations where he managed the staffing and logistics for more than 3,500 special agents and 1,700 administrative, professional, and technical employees. In this role, Mr. Newsome directed the investigative mission of the 161 domestic and international Secret Service offices while focusing on the most significant threats posed on the financial infrastructure of the United States.

Mr. Newsome began his Secret Service career in 1993 as a Special Agent in the Newark Field Office. In 1999, Mr. Newsome was assigned to the Presidential Protective Division where he served on protective details for both President Clinton and President Bush. During his tenure on the Presidential Protective Division, Mr. Newsome was promoted to Assistant to the Special Agent in Charge.

In May 2015, Mr. Newsome was appointed to the Senior Executive Service and, later that same year, served as the Special Agent in Charge of the Vice Presidential Protective Division. Mr. Newsome maintained oversight of the administrative and protective operations for the Vice President, Second Lady, and Second Family.

Beginning in February 2017, Mr. Newsome served as the Deputy Assistant Director of the Office of Protective Operations, where he managed the coordination and administration of the Secret Service's protective operations for the Presidential Protective Division, Vice Presidential Protective Division, Dignitary Protective Division, as well as the former Presidents' Details.

Mr. Newsome served in other senior management positions within the Secret Service including Assistant Inspector – Office of Inspection; Assistant to the Special Agent in Charge – Washington Field Office; Assistant Special Agent in Charge – Administrative Operations Division; Assistant Special Agent in Charge – Federal Coordinator for the 2012 Democratic National Convention; Deputy Special Agent in Charge –Dignitary Protective Division; Deputy Special Agent in Charge – Vice Presidential Protective Division; and Deputy Assistant Director – Office Of Investigations.

Mr. Newsome is a native of Baltimore, Md. He earned a Bachelor's Degree from Princeton University and is a graduate of the Key Executive Leadership Program at American University.