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Career path for Uniformed Division

Career Path

Protect and Secure the White House in Our Specialized Units

The primary mission of the Uniformed Division is to secure the White House complex. Upon completion of their training, officers may be selected to participate in one of several specialized units including:

  • Canine (K-9) unit performs security sweeps and responds to bomb threats and suspicious packages.
  • Emergency Response Team provides a coordinated tactical response for the White House and other protected facilities.
  • Counter Sniper Team utilizes observation, sighting equipment and high-performance weapons to provide a secure environment for protectees.
  • Motorcade Support Unit officers provide motorcycle tactical support for official movements of motorcades.
  • Crime Scene Search Unit photographs, collects and processes physical and latent evidence.
  • Office of Training officers serve as firearms and classroom instructors.
  • Special Operations handle special duties and functions at the White House complex, including conducting tours.
  • Outreach Branch coordinates the recruitment of special agents, Uniformed Division officers, technical law enforcement, administrative, professional and technical (APT) personnel.