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Image of Standing Post Studio with Podcast Microphone
Silhouette of Secret Service Agent Standing in Front of the Whitehouse


Standing Post is the official podcast of the United States Secret Service! In this series, we interview active and former employees about their roles and responsibilities and hear inside information about the people and programs that make up the United States Secret Service.

Hosted by Abel Trevino, Standing Post takes you on a journey to learn about the people in the agency, their lives and the interesting and unique occupations that can only be found in this elite law enforcement agency.


Ep. #066 - Pride Month Roundtable with the Secret Service LGBTQ Community

🏳️‍🌈 Join us for a special Pride Month episode of Standing Post, where we feature a roundtable discussion with members of the LGBTQ community within the Secret Service.

Ep. #065 - Military Appreciation Month with CIO and Retired USMC BGen Kevin Nally

The Secret Service prides itself on having a robust cadre of military veterans as Special Agents, Uniformed Division Officers, Technical Law Enforcement officers and as Administrative/Technical Professionals. In fact, our CIO Kevin Nally is a retired United States Marine Corps Brigadier General who served in the military for 34 years, including tours in the Operation Desert Storm and Operation Iraqi/Enduring Freedom.

Ep. #064 - NCMEC Partnership With DSAIC Joan Hoback

Dive into the latest episode of Standing Post with Deputy Special Agent in Charge Joan Hoback, our lead liaison with the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children. Joan gives an in-depth look at our partnership and how our Forensic Services Division supports investigations into missing children's cases and highlights our proactive Childhood Smart presentations, which are tailored for kids aged 5-17 and designed to instill lifelong safety awareness.

Standing Post Presents My First Foot Beat - Ep. 018 - Sisters In Law Enforcement

In our special #WomensHistoryMonth episode of "My First Foot Beat," we're joined by an inspiring trio of siblings who've made their mark in law enforcement. Sgt. Tech. Natasha Rowles, alongside her sisters DEA Special Agent Raynette Kornickey and Metropolitan Police Department Commander Tatjana Savoy, delve into their unique journeys into law enforcement careers.

Ep. #063 - Women's Resource Groups featuring Inspector Ruano and ATSAIC Friedman

In the latest Standing Post episode, we chat with Inspector Maria Ruano and ATSAIC Kelly Friedman about empowering women in law enforcement within our agency. Leading the Uniformed Division Women's Council and the 1811 Women's Working Group, they share their journey and the vital resources they've introduced for women's success.

Ep. #062 - Understanding Diversity, Equity and Inclusion with Executive Loucious Hires III

In the latest episode of Standing Post, Executive Director of the Office of Equity and Employee Support Services Loucious Hires III discusses a topic that is difficult for some to talk about: diversity, equity and inclusion (DE&I). It's an incredible conversation with approachable definitions for diversity, equity and inclusion, and the important roles these principles have in strengthening organizations.

Ep. #061 - Countering Unmanned Aircraft Systems (C-UAS) with Special Agent Robert Waltman

In this episode of Standing Post, we're joined by Special Agent Robert Waltman, who discusses one of our lesser known programs: Counter-Unmanned Aircraft Systems (C-UAS). This initiative focuses on countering the emerging threat that drones, with their small size and high speed, pose to our protectees.

Ep. #060 - Presidential Protection with DAD Darryl Volpicelli

In this episode of Standing Post, we have the unique opportunity to speak to Deputy Assistant Director Darryl Volpicelli, the former Special Agent in Charge of the Presidential Protective Detail. While he is currently an executive in our agency, as the SAIC of PPD, DAD Volpicelli was responsible for every element of security for the President, whether that was in the White House or traveling throughout the US and abroad.

Standing Post Presents My First Foot Beat - Ep. 017 - Joeniqua Colebrooke

During this episode of My First Foot Beat, Sgt. Tech. Natasha Rowles talks to Off. Joeniqua Colebrooke. They discuss Officer Colebrooke's journey to the Secret Service, from the Bahamas to the US Army, and how her Army Military Occupational Specialty (MOS) influenced her decision to apply for our Airspace Operations Branch as a Uniformed Division officer. Are you interested in becoming an officer in the United States Secret Service Uniformed Division?

Ep. #059 - The State of Investigations with Assistant Director David Smith

In this episode of Standing Post, we talk to Office of Investigations Assistant Director David Smith to discuss the current state of Secret Service investigations and trends in cybercrimes. He highlights several specific criminal scams that have been on the rise, including Pig Butchering and ransomware, specifically noting the real-world implications ransomware threatens on our infrastructure.