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Since 1994, we have lent our forensic capabilities to law enforcement agencies to support missing and exploited child investigations by Congressional mandate. We do this through our National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (NCMEC) liaison.

Our NCMEC liaison offers and coordinates the full range of our cutting-edge forensic services among state, local and federal agencies and NCMEC to assist missing children investigations and to combat child sexual exploitation. Our liaison also provides educational resources through a variety of child safety outreach programs to help address challenging issues facing today’s youth and reduce child victimization.

Many of our child safety outreach programs focus on cyber bullying, child exploitation, and child sex trafficking prevention by providing children with age-appropriate awareness and safety information.

Additional information regarding the full range of forensic capabilities to assist missing and exploited children investigations, and our Child Safety Outreach programs, can be requested via email to

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