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Women at the Secret Service

A variety of career paths exist at the Secret Service.

Women working as special agents, Uniformed Division officers, and Administrative, Professional and Technical (APT) personnel at the Secret Service fulfill our agency’s public safety and security mission with integrity and strength. Secret Service prioritizes recruiting women candidates.

We’re hiring! Interested in joining our team? Check out our latest job announcement on USAJOBS.

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Female special agent

Women comprise 24% of our workforce

USSS Stars


Trailblazer: First Female Motorcycle Officer,  Officer-Technician Alta Gunawan

In 2019, Alta Gunawan became the first female to successfully complete the rigorous training to become a member of the elite Secret Service team of riders known as the Motorcycle Support Unit (MSU). When asked about the personal significance of this accomplishment she said, “I hope that I’ve inspired others, both women and men, to go after what they want and not to give up until they get it." Read more

USSS Stars

See Yourself In Us

“The diversity I see throughout the Secret Service is encouraging. To look around and see minorities and women in leadership positions is a breath of fresh air.”

Uniformed Division Officer



Careers with Secret Service: Make a Difference

"Working for the Secret Service isn't a job, it isn't a career. It is a lifestyle. And that lifestyle starts with who you are are a person - your ethics, your morals. You don't just become a great person, this is who you have to be."

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History of women in the Secret Service

first 5 womenAlthough the women appointed 50 years ago had different career paths and tenures with the Secret Service, their prominence as commissioned federal law enforcement agents and their professionalism have significantly impacted the agency. It is because of their outstanding legacies that the Secret Service remains committed to hiring a diverse cadre of talented women within its law enforcement ranks. When Special Agent Training Class 387 graduated in April of 2021, it marked the first instance in which women trainees outnumbered the men.

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Childcare Subsidy

To support you and your family, the Secret Service provides a monthly childcare subsidy to eligible employees with a total family income of no more than $170,000 (adjusted gross income) for children enrolled, or who will be enrolled, in a licensed family-care home or with a childcare provider.


Education Benefits

We understand that exceptional talent may evolve with costs, so the agency repays qualifying student loans up to $60,000. Additionally, candidates recruited for permanent appointments are eligible for up to $10,000 per year for tuition assistance to reimburse the cost of academic degree training when the program contributes to a training need, resolves a staffing problem, or accomplishes a strategic goal.


A unique career

A Unique Career

When you join our ranks, whether as an agent, an officer or an APT, you have a front row seat to history. A career with our agency is both rewarding and demanding. There are various career tracks in the Secret Service that allow women opportunities to grow professionally and advance through the ranks. There are a variety opportunities available within our agency, so learn more and apply today!


Family-Friendly Policies

  • Family and medical leave for childbirth, adoption, care of spouse, child, or parent with serious health condition.
  • Leave for bone marrow or organ donation.
  • Leave sharing



“My career with the Secret Service has been full of memorable experiences. You experience what others read about in books."



Standing Post podcast

Hear directly from the women of our agency, who discuss their careers, work-life balance, and more, on our podcast, Standing Post. 

It’s Not What You Think

“A common misconception women face is having to choose between a family and a career. The reality is that there are many career tracks in the Secret Service that allow women opportunities to grow professionally and advance through the ranks.”

Special Agent

Women in the Secret Service: DAD Darnelly De Jesus & Elizabeth Aguilar-Smith

Deputy Assistant Director (DAD) Darnelly De Jesus sat down with Special Agent Elizabeth Aguilar-Smith to discuss their Secret Service careers.

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Women in the Secret Service: Deputy Chief Catrina Bonus

Uniformed Division Deputy Chief Catrina Bonus sat down with Officer-Technician K. Coleman to discuss their Secret Service careers. Hear their stories behind the mission.

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“My daughter’s face lights up with joy whenever she sees me put on that shiny gold badge.”  

Uniformed Division Officer

USSS Stars