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Deputy Director C. Danny Spriggs Announces Plans to Retire From the U.S. Secret Service

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U.S. Secret Service Media Relations
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(Washington, D.C.) – Deputy Director C. Danny Spriggs, a veteran of more than 28 years with the United States Secret Service, has announced plans to retire effective September 18, 2004.

“For almost three decades, I have been truly privileged to work with the dedicated men and women of the U.S. Secret Service,” Spriggs said. “I am deeply honored to have
contributed at a very high level to the rich tradition and history of the most respected law enforcement agency in the world.”

“Danny Spriggs has been an invaluable asset to the Secret Service,” said U.S. Secret Service Director W. Ralph Basham. “We will miss having him as part of our team, as his
experience, judgment and talent have been valued and his contributions have been critical to this agency’s success.”

Spriggs has accepted the position of Assistant Vice President of Protection at the Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia.

Danny Spriggs was appointed Deputy Director in February 2002. Prior to that, he served as the Assistant Director for the Office of Protective Operations, where he had primary
responsibility for supervising all protective matters relating to the President, Vice President, former Presidents, visiting foreign heads of state and events of national significance.

Spriggs began his Secret Service career as a Special Agent with the Albuquerque Field Office in 1976. Of his numerous career accomplishments, Spriggs was recognized for his
superior performance during the March 30, 1981 assassination attempt on the life of President Ronald Reagan. As a result of his bravery, he was presented with the
Department of Treasury Special Act Award for exercising excellent judgment during the attempted assassination by John W. Hinckley, Jr.

Beginning in 1991, Spriggs joined the agency’s managerial ranks, where he served in a number of positions, including Assistant to the Special Agent in Charge of the
Presidential Protective Division, Deputy Special Agent in Charge of the Vice Presidential Protective Division and as Special Agent in Charge of the Philadelphia Field Office.

Under Spriggs’ leadership, the Office of Protective Operations successfully coordinated the security activities of a number of National Special Security events, including the
NATO 50th Anniversary Summit, the largest gathering of world leaders to ever take place in the nation’s capital; the 2000 national political conventions in Los Angeles and
Philadelphia; the 2000 Presidential and Vice Presidential Debates; the 2001 Presidential Inauguration; Super Bowl XXXVI in New Orleans, Louisiana, and the 2002 Winter
Olympics in Salt Lake City, Utah.