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USSS Releases General Impact Map for the 2024 RNC Security Plan

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MILWAUKEE – On Feb. 21, the U.S. Secret Service released a map of the general areas expected to be affected by the operational security plan for the 2024 Republican National Convention.

The map (below) is tentative and does not contain exact impacts, such as street closures, parking restrictions, or checkpoints. It is intended to help members of the public prepare for the upcoming convention by providing them with initial information on whether their home, business, or commute could potentially be affected by the security plan.

The security plan for the 2024 Republican National Convention, including the official security perimeter, is still in development. Once that plan is finalized, information regarding traffic, parking, and other public impacts will be shared with the public.

The general impact map can be viewed by the public on the City of Milwaukee’s 2024 Republican National Convention webpage at:

In addition to the map, members of the public will find frequently asked questions regarding the security plan and how it could impact them. Those questions and answers will be updated as the security plan is finalized.

The Secret Service is conducting outreach efforts with individuals who may work or live within the security perimeter, in order to develop a security plan that minimizes public impact while still ensuring a safe and secure convention. Individuals will have multiple opportunities in the months leading up to the convention to speak with the Secret Service and its partners about the security plan and how it could affect them.



Gen Impact Map 2024 RNC


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