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Statement from U.S. Secret Service New York Field Office Special Agent in Charge Patrick Freaney on the 71st National Special Security Event

Published By
U.S. Secret Service Media Relations
Published Date

NEW YORK - The United Nations (U.N.) General Assembly is an annual and recurring national special security event (NSSE) requiring intense coordination and preparation over many months with numerous critical partners. 

Throughout this NSSE, the U.S. Secret Service has led the security planning in conjunction with the New York City Police Department, the state and local governments, as well as the U.N. organization. In addition to leading the security plan, the Secret Service also provided protection for all visiting heads of state and government as codified in our Congressionally mandated mission. More than 200 visiting domestic and foreign protectees convened in New York City and received or continue to receive protection from their respective arrivals until their departures from the U.S.

This event is the largest annual protective effort conducted by the Secret Service, and I am immensely proud of the men and women of the Secret Service who performed their duties with the utmost professionalism and dedication to the mission in support of this massive undertaking.

Furthermore the Secret Service is extremely grateful for the continued collaboration of our federal, state and local partners in executing events of this magnitude.