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Secret Service Assistant Director Michael D’Ambrosio Named a Finalist for the 2019 Frank B. Rowlett Award

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U.S. Secret Service Media Relations
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WASHINGTON - Today the United States Secret Service announced Assistant Director (AD) Michael D’Ambrosio was named a finalist for the 2019 Frank B. Rowlett award for Individual Achievement. The Frank B. Rowlett Trophy for Individual Achievement is awarded to the individual, within a U.S. Government organization, making the most significant contribution to improving his/her element's information systems security posture, Information Assurance (IA) readiness, or the conduct of defensive information operations.

AD D’Ambrosio’s achievements reflect the dedication and expertise that distinguishes the Secret Service among federal law enforcement organizations. They include expanding cyber fraud investigations in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, securing appropriate resources and personnel for the agency to succeed globally and implementing new initiatives to strengthen the Secret Service’s critical public and private partnerships.

AD D’Ambrosio has served as the agency’s Assistant Director of the Office of Investigations since September 1, 2019. In this role he has demonstrated outstanding and innovative leadership by strengthening interagency and international partnerships to counter an evolving cybersecurity threat environment. D’Ambrosio’s advocacy of these partnerships and programs led to a $6.6 million increase in funding for Secret Service cyber task forces around the globe. 

D’Ambrosio’s responsibilities extend to 160 domestic and international Secret Service offices, providing the resources and leadership they need to succeed, and guiding an operational shift to include COVID-19 cyber fraud investigations while taking all necessary steps to protect the health of employees worldwide. 

Under AD D’Ambrosio’s leadership, the Secret Service in 2020 arrested more than 1,590 individuals through cyber investigations while supporting more than 2,750 domestic protective operations. Over the same period, Secret Service agents detected cyber fraud involving $2.4 billion in potential losses and conducted more than 106,000 hours of cyber training to 3,469 local, state and federal partners, all while providing 100% incident-free protection to the nation’s leaders. 

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