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2017 Annual Report

The year 2017 was filled with many challenging operational and administrative demands, highlighted by the Presidential Inauguration, the Presidential Address to a Joint Session of Congress, and the 72nd United Nations General Assembly. Significant protective and investigative accomplishments highlighted in the Annual Report include:

Protection for 5,346 travel stops for domestic protectees and 2,003 travel stops for visiting foreign dignitaries;

Planning, coordination, and implementation of operational security plans for three National Special Security Events (NSSE);

Protection for 1,444 visits of foreign heads of state/heads of government and spouses to the United States;

More than 2.5 million members of the general public and 2 million bags screened through more than 1,216 magnetometer/X-ray operations assignments, including approximately 13,198 weapons seized at magnetometer checkpoints;

Over 366 arrests by the Uniformed Division for a variety of criminal violations;

Over 1,048 financial crimes arrests worldwide and prevented over 1.6 billion in potential loss and 508.3 million in actual loss to financial systems;

Over $73 million in counterfeit U.S. currency prevented from circulation;

Over 456 asset seizures resulting in the recovery of $42.4 million.

The 2017 Annual Report gives our stakeholders a snapshot of the year’s accomplishments and represents the stellar work of our personnel. The report also includes detailed information from Offices of Training, Technical Development & Mission Support, Chief Financial Officer, Chief Information Officer, Strategic Intelligence & Information, Equity & Employee Support Services, Strategic Planning & Policy, and Human Resources.

- Director Randolph Alles

USSS FY2018 - FY2022 Strategic Plan

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