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Special Agent and Uniformed Division Pre-Employment Review (SUPER) Interview Information

The Special Agent and Uniformed Division Pre-Employment Review (SUPER) Interview is designed to: (1) provide applicants with realistic information about the Special Agent or Uniformed Division Officer positions and allow applicants to self-select out of the hiring process; (2) obtain information which may negatively impact an applicant’s ability to obtain a Top Secret security clearance; and (3) assess relevant knowledge, skills, and abilities (i.e., competencies) needed for successful performance upon entry into the Special Agent and Uniformed Division Officer positions. Upon successful completion of the interview, applicants will receive a conditional offer of employment.

What You Should Expect...

Your interview will begin at the scheduled time. An applicant who does not attend his/her scheduled interview will be deemed a “no show” and be removed from consideration in the hiring process. Applicants who have been removed from the hiring process may reapply to the next available Job Opportunity Announcement (JOA) or through a link provided by the Secret Service.

You must present photo identification when you arrive for your interview. Your photo identification must be issued by a state or a federal agency (i.e., Driver’s license, U.S. Passport , U.S. Military ID card, or state issued ID card).

You will not be permitted to leave the interview room once the interview has begun.

If you wish to continue in the hiring process after being briefed about the job requirements of US Secret Service SA/UD Entry Level-position, you will be required to sign a Job Requirements Briefing Acknowledgement form.

When asked an open-ended question, be specific when answering. For questions that ask about your past experiences, describe the situation, your specific actions or behaviors, and the resulting outcome. For questions that ask you about hypothetical situations, describe the actions you would take and provide an explanation for those actions.

At the completion of the interview, you will be required to sign an Applicant Non–disclosure Agreement stating that you will not discuss the content of the interview with others.

The results of your interview will not be provided at the conclusion of the interview. You will be notified via email by the U.S. Secret Service’s Talent and Employee Acquisition Management Division of your interview status in approximately 10 business days after the interview.