To register for the examination, all applicants are required to complete the Uniformed Division Officer Preliminary Application Packet prior to testing. The application should be typed and not signed or dated.

Applicants are required to fully complete the Knowledge, Skills and Ability statements (KSAs). This information is evaluated to determine your qualifications for this position. Applicants who submit incomplete KSAs will not be considered for the position. Please ensure that complete information is provided to fully describe your experience and qualifications for this position.

Applicants can purchase a Police Officer's Selection Test (POST) Study Guide at most book stores or find a copy at libraries in their local area. This guide will help prepare you for the exam.

Appropriate business attire is required for testing. The process includes an informational briefing and test administration. Applicants who successfully complete the POST may be given a personal interview after the test or at a later date. Applicants should, therefore, allocate approximately four to six hours for the process. Please check directions to the examination location prior to arrival.

It is important that all applicants carefully read the information on the Secret Service website concerning ALL aspects of the Uniformed Division Officer position.

For further information on submitting your application, please refer to the information in the Employment Testing Location announcement.

The U.S. Secret Service is an Equal Opportunity Employer.