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Photo of runner The race rules have been derived for specific reasons, primarily to ensure the safety of all runners, spectators, volunteers and support personnel. Compliance with these rules is mandatory. Non-compliance will result in time penalties or disqualification (see penalties chart below). Suspected infractions should be reported, in writing, to the NPC-50 Rules Officials by a team captain or co-captain within five minutes of the completion of the race.

The race will begin promptly at 8:15 a.m. and will be officially over at 11:30 a.m. All support, to include medical assistance, will end at noon.


The following penalties will be levied as merited:

  • Pen-30: 30 seconds are added to the team finishing time

  • Pen-1: 1 minute is added to the team finishing time

  • Pen-2: 2 minutes are added to the team finishing time

  • Pen-UO: The team is unofficial (last place). Individuals will be recognized for course speed awards if applicable.

  • Pen-DQ: The entire team is disqualified. Team members are NOT recognized for awards.

Time penalties are assessed on the team as a whole (finishing time), not on individual runners unless otherwise noted below.

  1. Photo of check in table

    Each team's captain will check in at the Officials' table 30 minutes before the start of the race (at 7:45am).
              Late: Pen-30

  2. Photo of runner checking in with ankle chipRUNNER CHECK IN
    Runners must check-in when their leg is called (10 minutes prior to start time). Runners who fail to show five minutes prior to their start time will be penalized. Individual runners check in by walking across the timers mat.
              Late: Pen-30 (on the individual runner)

    1. Photo of runner at finish lineTeam captains will be supplied with 10 racing bibs for distribution to team members. The first two-digit number on the bib is the team number. The second number is the runner number. The leadoff runner must wear bib number XX-1. The second runner will wear bib number XX-2. NPC-50 Race Officials at the check-in table must be notified immediately of any changes in
      the line-up.
                Failure to Display Correct Number: Pen-1
                Failure to Immediately Notify Race Officials of Change: Pen-2
                Penalties can be cumulative.
      (The timing officials rely on accurate numbering of the runners in order to provide accurate results.)

    2. Race numbers must be worn on the front chest area on the outermost layer. In other words, they must always be visible. Any other location is an infraction. The number must not be trimmed or altered in any fashion.
                For each Infraction: Pen-1

    3. The ChronoTrack disposable timing system strip will be affixed to the numbered bib for the duration of the race.
      • Failure to wear numbered bib with timing strip : - UO (Unofficial)

    No runner will be physically assisted in forward movement in any manner by any means. This includes a pacer preceding, following or running with the designated runner.
              Unauthorized Assistance: Pen-1 to Pen-DQ
              Depending on the circumstances

    1. Alternates may substitute for a downed, sick or no-show runner only after checking in with NPC-50 Race Officials at the Registration table.
                Failure to Advise Officials Before Substitution: Pen-2

    2. Teams can use only those runners shown on the Run Plan, in the order listed. Alternates may run in place of any scheduled runner. A scheduled runner must run his/her designated leg and no other. No runner shall run more than one leg.
                Runner Out of Order: Pen-1
                Unauthorized Runner: Pen-DQ

  6. Race Photo
    Instructions and directions given by NPC-50 and timing company officials within the race course area must be followed. Warnings will be officially noted in writing and will be reviewed by the NPC-50 Race Committee to determine repeat offenders and penalties. (Pen-2 to Pen-DQ, depending upon circumstances)

    Consumption of any type of alcohol, or any open container on the race course, by any runner, support person, volunteer or spectator is absolutely prohibited. By law, no alcohol is permitted at the Training Center. (Pen-DQ)

    1. The initial Run Plan must be submitted online by April 23, 2015.

    2. The final Run Plan, must be entered online by 6 p.m. (EST) May 7, 2015. No additional runners may be added after that date and the runner order cannot change. Alternate and primary runners may change places.

    The team captain must submit a signed waiver for each runner and alternate at check-in on the morning of the race.
              Failure to Submit Waivers: Team May Not Run

    Runners must stay on the designated course. If a runner leaves the path for any reason, he/she must return to the course at the same place before proceeding further.
              Failure to Stay on Course: Pen-1 to Pen-DQ,
              depending upon circumstances
              Exception: Risk of Injury - to be explained to NPC Race Officials

The members of the NPC-50 Race Committee would like to express our gratitude to the Los Angeles Police Revolver and Athletic Club Baker to Vegas Race Rules Committee for their assistance and advice. | Contact | Home