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Prizes will be awarded to the top teams in each of the following categories. Teams may enter only one division.

OPEN: Runners are any age, any gender, and from any agency

MIXED: A minimum of 3 females on the team*

WOMEN: All 10 runners are female

400: Aggregate ages of runners is 400 years or more (average age 40 or more)*

OPEN - SWORN: Runners are all sworn peace officers - any
age, any gender, and from any

250 - SWORN: Runners are all sworn peace officers from one department/agency with fewer than 250 sworn personnel

CLYDESDALES: Each male runner weighs 200 lbs or more. Each female runner weighs 150 lbs or more.

* Requirements include actual runners only, not alternates who do not run.
**Teams registered in categories with three or fewer entries will be asked to switch divisions.**

"Department/Agency" applies to the department, agency, office, precinct or station to which all runners are assigned. If all runners are from one precinct, the division will be based on the number of sworn personnel in that precinct. If the runners are from various precincts of a large department, then the division will be based on the total number of sworn personnel in that department.


Big City PD has 5,000 sworn employees. Team #1 is from the Big City PD Runners Club. Runners come from all over the department. This team must run in the OPEN division (or MIXED, if there are at least three female runners.)

Team #2 is from Big City PD's SWAT Team. There are 200 people assigned to SWAT. If all runners are sworn peace officers, the team has a choice of the following: 250-SWORN, OPEN-SWORN, or OPEN.


Personnel from two or three (or more) small departments or agencies who wish to join together to form a team may do so. All "combined teams" must run in the OPEN division or the OPEN-SWORN division. Female combined teams are also eligible for the Womens Division.


The NPC-50 is open to all full-time employees of city, county, state, federal or military law enforcement agencies. Each team captain must verify the employment and eligibility of all runners when the Run Plan is submitted online.


All runners must be officially assigned as sworn law enforcement officers/agents of the department/agency for which they are running on February 12, 2015, and must remain assigned to that department/agency through race day.

*** For purposes of this race, "sworn law enforcement personnel" includes all peace officers with arrest powers.

Photo of runner.Teams can change divisions as needed until May 7, 2015.

Questions regarding eligibility can be addressed to Deirdre Henry at the U.S. Secret Service Employee Recreation Association, 484-832-3394, | Contact | Home