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Uniformed Division

Be Part of an Elite Law Enforcement Team - Uphold a Tradition of Honor

The Uniformed Division is comprised of a diverse group of select men and women dedicated to protecting our nation's leaders and the facilities provided to them. The first women to serve as law enforcement officers in the Secret Service joined what is today's Uniformed Division. Since that day in 1970, female officers have been breaking down barriers in assignments traditionally held by their male counterparts.

Women within the Uniformed Division are leaders in supervisory positions; they serve on division's specialty units. Over the years, determined and dedicated female officers have persevered to join highly-specialized tactical units: in 2001, the first woman joined the Secret Service's Emergency Response Team, and in 2009, the Countersniper Unit acquired their first female team member.

The women of the Uniformed Division continue to make great strides and uphold the tradition and legacy of the United States Secret Service.

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