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Administrative, Professional, and Technical

You Can Be Part of an Organization With More Than 140 Years' Experience Building Highly-Skilled Teams

Women have played an important role in the Secret Service for nearly a century. Today, the Secret Service strives to recruit, develop and retain a highly-specialized and dedicated workforce to fulfill critical mission requirements. The expertise of administrative, professional and technical specialists is critical to our success.

Learn more about the different administrative, professional and technical positions available within the Secret Service.

Advice from some of the women who serve in specialized mission support roles in the Secret Service for those interested in applying for administrative, professional or technical positions:

“I would advise someone interested in any position within the Secret Service to talk to people who are currently in that position or have been in that position in the past. It’s important to go into any position with all the knowledge possible, along with a realistic view of what to expect once on the job.”
-Protective Intelligence Research Specialist

“When I applied I wondered if I had the ‘right’ background, education, work history for the position. I don’t think you have to come from a criminal justice background to succeed in this position. I have learned to realize that in order to gain the full potential of this position you must aggressively seek out ways to utilize your skills to support the office.”
-Investigative Support Assistant

“If someone is interested in this type of position, I would say that as long as you have a positive and hardworking attitude, the sky is the limit for new opportunities.”
-Social Science Research Specialist

“My advice would be to always maintain an open mind when looking at different positions within the agency. Sometimes getting experience in a similar field can open the door to your ideal position.”
-Human Resources Specialist

“Research positions that fit your qualifications and interests. Read the vacancy announcement thoroughly and understand the required qualifications and the duties of the position. Do not focus on the grade levels, but rather on whether you would qualify based on what is outlined. The Resource Center contains useful information to those new to the hiring process.”
- Human Resources Specialist


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