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United States Secret Service - Worthy of Trust and Confidence
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Who We Are

Two Mandates Driven by a Single Mission

The United States Secret Service is responsible for upholding a significant mission driven by a dual focus. Taking on a career with an agency that upholds a mission focused on both criminal investigations and protection is not something to take lightly. Working alongside investigators that act to preserve the integrity of the economy, or agents worthy of the trust and confidence of our nation’s leaders, is something in which to take pride. More than a job, these careers become part of a lifestyle that breeds integrity, honor, leadership and teamwork.


The mission of the United States Secret Service is to safeguard the nation's financial infrastructure and payment systems to preserve the integrity of the economy, and to protect national leaders, visiting heads of state and government, designated sites and National Special Security Events.


The vision of the United States Secret Service is to uphold the tradition of excellence in its investigative and protective mission through a dedicated, highly-trained, diverse, partner-oriented workforce that employs progressive technology and promotes professionalism.

The Secret Service Mission and You


While most associate the Secret Service with protection alone, prospects for your career reach far beyond. Our original mandate to investigate the counterfeiting of U.S. currency is still carried out today. Step into a wide array of career choices that offer training and experience rarely found anywhere else. Tap into fields like forensic and criminal investigations that serve as a key step in preparing, training and developing only the best for additional career paths offered. Pursue the opportunity to investigate and enforce a variety of crimes, that include, but are not limited to, counterfeiting, electronic crimes, financial institution fraud, computer and telecommunications fraud, access device fraud and money laundering violations.


The Secret Service operates in an environment in which key leaders and major national events continue to be ripe targets for criminals with varying motives. Our teams of skilled professionals continue to be one of our most critical assets – now more than ever. Secret Service careers afford the chance to earn such esteemed opportunities as protecting our nation’s leaders while also investigating possible threats. This also includes, but is not limited to, protecting their families, distinguished foreign visitors and official U.S. representatives performing special missions abroad. Our focus on protection is closely tied to our investigative focus, in which our teams investigate threats against those we protect and serve as a critical element in the planning and implementation of security designs for national events.

An agency that upholds such a highly-esteemed mission offers dedicated professionals the chance to experience unique and honorable career paths, backed by a dual focus that also ensures continued growth opportunities.

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