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Operation Warfighter


Operation Warfighter (OWF) is a temporary assignment/internship program developed by the Department of Defense (DoD) for service members that are convalescing at military treatment facilities at first in the National Capitol Region but increasingly throughout the United States. The program provides recuperating service members with meaningful activity outside of the hospital environment and offers a formal means of transition back to the military or civilian workforce.

Operation Warfighter is a great opportunity for service members on medical hold to build their resumes, explore employment interests, develop job skills and gain valuable federal government work experience that will help them prepare for their adjustment to the workplace. Participants must be United States citizens who are on active duty in the military (including the National Guard and Reserves). They must also fulfill the security clearance requirements set by the Secret Service.

The United States Secret Service welcomes these individuals to apply for internships within our agency. Based on their skills, expertise and interest, Warfighters are placed in host offices and assigned a supervisor and a mentor. Host offices are available in many areas of the Secret Service including human resources, security, operations and administration. To view current Operation Warfighter internship opportunities in the Secret Service simply click the Operation Warfighter internship tab located on the employment opportunities page.

The Warfighter Experience at the Secret Service

Once you are selected to become a Warfighter, your manager will start processing your appointment. You will be asked to complete pre-employment documents which include the agency's security background investigation. The duration of the security clearance process depends on your particular background. Please note, if you have significant foreign travel and/or foreign relatives or contacts, the security clearance process may be more involved.

You will be assigned a mentor to assist you with in-processing logistics and throughout your assignment. Your mentor is available to orient you to your specific office and the agency, provide guidance on how to perform your specific work duties and answer your questions.

Duty schedules for OWF participants are determined by your treatment schedule. This flexibility accommodates your medical treatment and is designed to support your well-being and recuperation. Depending upon your availability, you will work approximately 20 hours per week throughout your assignment. The DoD OWF Initiative will provide transportation to and from your temporary assignment site at no cost to you.

The length of your assignment is also determined by your unique recuperation status. The average length of an assignment is three to five months but can be extended up to one year if the participating office agrees. During your assignment you may be asked to attend formal training to enhance your existing skills and/or learn new skills.

While there is no guarantee of permanent employment following the completion of an OWF assignment, service members released from medical hold status are considered potential candidates for full-time employment with the Secret Service pending separation from the military.

The Secret Service Benefits from Warfighter Service

While the Warfighter gets the benefits described above, the program simultaneously enables the Secret Service to avail itself of the considerable talent and dedication of these recuperating service members. Since the service members are still receiving their military salaries, they are not compensated by the Secret Service.

The Department of Defense Computer/Electronics Accommodation Program provides all reasonable accommodations to OWFs on assignment to federal agencies. This includes electronic equipment, transportation, sign language interpreter services, etc.

Become a Warfighter

To be considered for an internship through the Operation Warfighter Initiative, please view our current OWF internship opportunities below. Submit your resume specifying the opportunity and location that you wish to be considered to:

The Secret Service offers Operation Warfighter Opportunities in:

Research Special Events and Logistics
Intelligence Security Office Administration
Inventory Management Emergency Preparedness
Information Technology Financial Crimes

Internships are currently available in the following locations:

Washington, DC Los Angeles, CA
Minneapolis, MN Dallas, TX
Memphis, TN San Diego, CA


For additional information concerning the Secret Service Operation Warfighter Initiative, email

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