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Keith L. Prewitt
Deputy Director
United States Secret Service

Keith L. PrewittKeith L. Prewitt was appointed to the position of Deputy Director on July 20, 2008. Mr. Prewitt is a 25-year veteran of the Secret Service.

As Deputy Director, Mr. Prewitt executes oversight of the agency's daily operations, including its more than 6,600 personnel and $1.4 billion budget. He also develops and implements policy as it relates to the agency's investigative and protective mission.

Keith Prewitt began his career with the Secret Service in 1983 as a special agent in the Memphis Field Office. He progressed steadily through the ranks of the Secret Service, and his subsequent career assignments included duty in the Washington and Chicago Field Offices, the Vice Presidential Protective Division and the Liaison Division.

As a supervisor, Mr. Prewitt has served as the Assistant to the Special Agent in Charge of the Chicago Field Office, Assistant Special Agent in Charge of Candidate Nominee Operations and the Special Agent in Charge of the Major Events Division. Mr. Prewitt also served as the Deputy Assistant Director of the Office of Protective Operations and the Deputy Assistant Director of the Office of Government and Public Affairs.

A member of Secret Service's senior leadership team, Mr. Prewitt held positions as the Assistant Director for the Office of Human Resources and Training for three years, and prior to that as the Assistant Director of the Office of Government and Public Affairs. Most recently, as the Assistant Director of the Office of Protective Research, Mr. Prewitt oversees the agency's threat and vulnerability assessment activities as well as the evaluation and implementation of technology-based protective countermeasures.

Mr. Prewitt is a native of Memphis, Tennessee and a former Memphis City Police Officer. He earned a bachelor's degree in psychology/criminal justice from Memphis State University. He is a board member of the Federal Law Enforcement Training Accreditation Board.

Mr. Prewitt has received numerous awards and accolades during his distinguished career in law enforcement, including the 2005 Department of Homeland Security Secretary's Award for Outstanding Achievement in Diversity Management.

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