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United States Secret Service - Worthy of Trust and Confidence
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Careers Driven by Integrity

The United States Secret Service culture is represented through the agency’s five core values: justice, duty, courage, honesty and loyalty. These values, and the Secret Service adage “Worthy of Trust and Confidence,” resonate with each man and woman who has sworn to uphold these principles. Not only do these values foster a culture of success, but they also hold each person to the highest standards of personal and professional integrity.

Because our highly-trained workforce is one of our greatest assets, we empower each individual to realize their full potential and more. The Secret Service offers career growth and opportunities to make your future as dynamic and rewarding as it can be. Those who are dedicated, driven by integrity and welcome unique challenges often find that the Secret Service is a perfect match.

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POSITION: : Attorney-Advisor
OPEN PERIOD: August 22 to
September 5, 2014
SERIES & GRADE: GS-0905-11/14
DESCRIPTION:The selectee will serve as an Attorney-Advisor in the Office of the Chief Counsel. Duties include:.
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